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80 % of users search for your products and services online. Are you present where your customers are ? Our Team of Search Experts manage your brand/product visibility. We are not a regular SEO service,Google has changed so have we. Our "Semantic Keyword Research" is more powerful than the old Keyword match method. Our Onsite Optimization and off page activities are compliant with Google Panda and Penguin norms. We provide the new generation of SEO services with an awesome Content Team to match. With us you are unbeatable. Try Us!


Search visibility is crucial but so is credibilty. Is your business limited to SEO marketing ? If yes, It's time you look at Social Media as an integral part of your online marketing. Mind you social media is not limited to Facebook or Twitter, It's way beyond that. Our Social Media Experts craft unique solutions for you which are measurable till the last penny. You may use Social media for leads, Sales, Customer Research or just branding.Social media is the most powerful method of marketing as it derives its strength from "Word of Mouth". Go Social today. Try US !


Ever wonder where your reputation lives ? Well it lies in the minds of your consumers and always found online. Search Engines are reputation engines, Social sites are the place where your brand is made or broken everyday. Have you checked your reputation online ? Do you actively manage your Online Reputation ? Our Team of Online Reputation Managers keep the consumer trust intact. Deploy a Online Reputaion Manager today. Try Us !

paid media

When you pay for online Ads you expect the best return. Paid media gives you quick results for your immediate goals. Expertise and experience on various ROI models is required for Paid Media activities or you simply burn away your hard earned money. Our Team of Media Experts can bring you unmatched returns by working across all three models - CPM,CPC,CPL. We also craft unique media models as per your business need. Our Paid Media activities include - Google Adwords, Adsense,Facebook Ads and Custom Media. Give your business a big boost for immediate returns. Try Us!


Do you sell your products/services online ? What model of marketing do you follow ? E-Commerce is the hottest buzz today and the toughest too! At om.a we provide you a complete solution right from developing a W3C/Google Compliant E-com website to a marketing model which is unique. We cover every possible online channel to bring to your website the mosted wanted E-com traffic. Our unique " E-com Keyword Model" is not found else where. Unlike others our E-Com marketing model is built on Search,Social and Product Reputation Management. Sell More. Try Us !

digital assets

A website, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn Company page or a Pinterst board these are all Digital Assets of your brand or company. We help you build them as per your marketing needs or may be you just want a digital presence. These assets need to be in constant health - well indexed(seo), well engaged(smm),spam/troll free(orm). We take care of theses wellness. If you have a marketing need but without these assets come to us, If you have these assets but you want them well managed come to us. Digital is the new real estate. Build one. Try Us!