Google Penguin Effects – Ultimate Strategy to Recover From Google Penguin

The Google Penguin update was launched in April, 2012. It is said to be the enhanced version of the Google Panda which impinged many of the websites, in particularly websites with low quality content, and those with spam contents. The Penguin update is being used to revamp entirely what kind of websites show up in search results. It triggers on providing priority to websites with recently updated content, links from social media and related sites, and those websites that are an authority on their subject.

Google Penguin Effects

Google Penguin Effects

The Google Penguin Update aims to reward high quality content websites, to penalize websites with spam contents, recognize duplicate contents, demolish websites which are over-optimized by using web spam techniques with an objective to bring more traffic to their website and give them higher ranking. Penguin Update will never affect websites which are using pure white hat SEO tactics that could help to change for the improved way of searching. It will give healthier search result and will better make the high quality websites by giving them higher ranking in SERP.

Google Penguin has been dreadfully cruel on link spammers and have penalized them badly. The penguin effects can be recovered by strictly following the Google SEO guidelines. So if you purely go in compliance with the Google guidelines you will easily maintain your website’s SERP and also if your website is being penalized it will help you in resolving the harms on your website and facilitate it to rank well again on Google’s SERPs.

Steps to Recover from Penguin Update:

And if you think, you have used the pure white SEO tactics and have original informative content, but still your website has been influenced poorly, in that case, you may fill the penguin reconsideration form and then Google may get back your rankings well.


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