5 Ultimate and Most Effective Email Marketing Strategies of 2013

Email Marketing StrategiesIn the past years, consumer’s online communication performance has evolved with the increase of social media and Smartphone. However, to attract and retain customers, brand is still relying on effective email marketing strategies to provide conversion rates. Email use has been deteriorating over the years and brands are generating experienced leads and increasing their profits with efficient email marketing strategies. The following are the most effective email marketing strategies:

Use Strong Subject Lines

To make the email more attractive, it is essential to write strong subject headlines. The headline should clearly state on what the email is all about and what will be gained by reading it. It is totally the personal choice of an individual to read an email immediately or later.


Starting the email with “Dear Subscriber” or “Dear Customer” is not at all going to gather good impression among one’s diagnosis and show that you care for and value them. It should be noted that, to sell online, the audience must trust you. Trust is the major factor above all down the line. By showing that you care and value customers is the first step. Use an email marketing program that provides the ability to deal with the scenario by their names. Aweber, Mail Chimp and Get Response are good and affordable email marketing programs that can be considered.


Knowing the right time to send an email is really difficult because the perfect time of sending greatly varies across every lists and industries. Properly considering the prospect’s online performance can help to identify the best times to send an email that will get the most favourable open rates. The following data from MailChimp will point you in the right direction:

Mobile optimization is very important in Email Marketing because almost 50% of the internet population used Smartphone and Tablets to check email now a days.

Fragment the List

Dividing the list helps businesses to arrive at their prospects with precious and appropriate content. Providing diverse offers will help to segment the leads based on their behaviour while generating leads on the site. People are often attracted to the sites with various contents. One should essentially provide different content to the list segments. The list members may have an intention to know more about the products, gather tips for product usage purposes, and know more about the special offers and so on.

Optimize for Mobile

The number of customers using Smartphone to access the email and looking for more information online has increased over the past few years and is still increasing. Almost 50% of the population are using Smartphone these days. People now, shop online, check their emails and connect to social networking sites on tablets and Smartphone which makes life much simpler. Thus, considering this case, tablets and mobile optimization of the emails is very much vital to reach out additional prospects.


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